Student Work

One of my web design projects as a student was to design a website for something I was interested in, so I chose to design a website for the band Motorama. I sent the finished project to the band and the band's manager offered me the opportunity to design the website for the 2012 Beat Film Festival, which he also managed. That project can be viewed here.

This brochure was designed to explore the typography of the Punk Movement. This project pushed me to be more creative because I was initially stuck on trying to make a brochure with clean typography on the computer. One day I had the idea to scratch out my first attempt at a brochure cover, handwrite over it, crumple up the paper, and scan it back into the computer. This handwritten and crumpled paper motif was much more representative of the Punk Movement and helped me to finish the project.

This holiday card was designed for Healthy Neighborhoods, an organization that assists neighborhoods in Baltimore with boosting home values and strengthening communities. I designed this holiday card using the iconic imagery of Baltimore's rowhouses.